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Useful Word/Office related links

Additional Avery™ label templates - Inevitably new label formats appear between Word releases. If yours is not shown, and you can't find a ruler to make your own label template, then try here.

Date calculations - Calculated date fields for use in Word documents are extremely complicated. Here Paul Edstein ('Macropod') in an article for, has done all the work, in an impressive display of the use of field calculations. With a companion article on Word Field Maths also available from the same location..

Greg Maxey - Friend and former MVP Greg and I have worked together on many projects over the years despite an ocean or two between us. You'll find some very useful Word tips on his site that are not covered elsewhere. In particular take a look at his work on userforms, and content controls.

Lost That Word Password? You may think twice about giving your credit card details to someone who hacks software for a living, but this is one site you may consider - definitely at your own risk! Bear in mind that passwords in recent versions of Word are hard to crack and that the brute force methods that may have to be used can take an age to complete. Don't be fooled by the speed at which the trial of this tool will find a four digit password - but nevertheless this one should get there .... eventually .... and in the case of an irreplaceable manuscript must be worth a try.

MAPILab - Produces a variety of useful add-ins for Outlook, in particular the Mail Merge Toolkit, is worthy of special mention as it overcomes many of the problems associated with e-mail merges in Word.

Audio related links

CDR FAQ - This FAQ, contains more than you ever wanted to know about CDR and used to be updated about once a month, however updates were discontinued in 2010.

CDWAV - A tool for recording from the sound card and for splitting long WAV files into separate tracks.

dbPowerAmp - Integrates with Windows Explorer to provide right click conversion between the widest range of audio formats.

Exact Audio Copy - Arguably the best CD audio tool you can get.

Exact Audio Copy FAQ - Not everyone finds Exact Audio Copy easy to get along with. Here you will find the help missing from the application.

LAME - LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder says the web site - but it is and it's probably the best.

MP3Tag - If you keep your music collection in MP3 or FLAC format on your PC or Network file server, then you will not be able to manage without this tag editor - a superb piece of programming - to ensure that you music files match the format of your DNLA client.

Monkeys Audio - The mp3 audio format will produce small file sizes, but at the cost of sound quality. Monkeys Audio provides a compressed audio format that does not destroy any part of the signal. It will integrate with dbPowerAmp, Exact Audio Copy and Winamp etc.

More useful stuff

Belarc Advisor - Whilst looking for a simple utility that would report the software licence number for Word, I came across this magical system reporting utility that tells me far more about what is installed on my PC than I ever thought that I needed to know. This utility is outstanding - whether you want to know the CD key for Windows; or what software you have installed , and where; or which of the umpteen Windows hotfixes you have installed, and what they do; even down to the time you last logged on, this utility will tell you all of it and far far more. It's also free to download, so there's no excuse for not grabbing it while you can.

Easy Recovery Pro - Lost that important file? Hard disc crashed? You need software that will allow you to access the hard drive directly. This one from Ontrack is one of the best.

Mailwasher - Spam is the bane of the internet user's life, and if you use your real address in forums you will be inundated with the stuff. This excellent application will help keep it in check. I wouldn't go on line without it.

Older Versions of Software - Software writers update constantly, but not everyone wants all the new bells and whistles, especially when, as in the case of (say) Winamp (2.81), Nero (5580), Real Player (8) or ACDSee (2.4) these older versions may work better than those that replace them. Find these old versions and loads more on this useful site.

Simple Sudoku - The game that has taken the world by storm. Now you can download the software to play on you PC or print puzzles to play when the PC is not available.

SnagIt - SnagIt is a superb and fully configurable Screen Capture utility (and much more) from Techsmith, used to produce the more recent screen shots and to enhance the older ones displayed on this site. Try the 30 day demo.

The Google Newsgroup Archive - If you don't know the Google search engine - where have you been? This is the best way to search old newsgroup archives.




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