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Telephone Enquiry Template

This template, prompted by an User Group Forum message, provides a simple means of recording telephone messages and forwarding them by e-mail to an administrator.

This template requires the use of Outlook to create the messages. If the messages are not created with the data from the document, then ensure Outlook is running before submitting the messages.

The template comprises a simple A5 document with a table containing form fields and two buttons which call macro functions.

The first time the template is used, users will see a disclaimer text which when acknowledged will reveal the following dialog:

The fields are self evident. The first one will only accept numeric input and reflects the default number of days before a response is due. The second is the administrator's e-mail address and the third the subject text of the message (which may be used by the administrator, in conjunction with an Outlook rule to direct the messages to an Outlook Folder for processing).

The e-mailed output of the form is configured to work in conjunction with the Extract Data from E-Mail add-in for collating the information,

The aforementioned three fields are mandatory and you will not be able to use the form unless they are completed.

The other fields are optional and provide for the document to be saved in a defined location when the message is submitted by e-mail. Messages are saved incorporating the Name field in the filename. Duplicated names are preserved and no documents are overwritten.

There is also an option to automatically create a new document when the current document has been submitted. If telephone messages to be recorded are infrequent, this option may be left unchecked and new documents created from File > New as required.

Note that if the option to save the messages is not set, and a folder location provided, the messages are discarded without saving once the message is submitted.

The defaults may then be saved and the document completed. The name field and the message field are mandatory and you will not be able to submit the message unless those fields are completed.

Clicking the 'Submit Form' then creates a message from the data and sends it to the recipient entered in the configuration dialog. The document is then saved (subject to the save option) and then discarded.

While the message is open the 'Configure Defaults' button may be used to change any of the preferences. The dialog is shown again, with a slightly different information section.


- Click here to download the template




Word Document Template

This page features a macro enabled document template, to provide a format for recording telephone messages and passing them to an administrator by e-mail.